who we are

Gleam Agro Products, a division of the Gleam Group endeavors to provide excellent varieties of top-quality agro products. With the main motive of complete customer satisfaction, the Gleam Group has emerged as a huge contributor, providing a great deal of top notch services. Along with providing the services in agro products, Gleam group also provides services in education, retail, tourism, real estate, and healthcare etc. Gleam aims at providing a hub of superior services by adopting advanced and varied technology. The efforts of Gleam Agro Products are directed at carrying out organic farming and producing a higher quality of tropical fruits and vegetables which can be grown in accordance with the Indian climate. These fruits, vegetables and organic products are produced after a long period of research, maintenance and cultivation of tropical vegetation. These agricultural products are cultivated in a special way so they ensure high yield.


We aim to give a new meaning to commercial farming by carrying out advanced research on the tropical fruits and vegetables which can adapt according to the Indian soil and weather and thus, these can profitably be produced in India with our improved farming tactics.


At Gleam Agro Products, our mission is to explore more profitable ways of growing tropical trees through our experience and expertise. We aim at the cultivation of improved and value added variety of tropical and organic products as we believe in clean and nutritional food.


Thus, Gleam Group continues to thrive at producing better and better products with a mission of making India a hub of organic and tropical agricultural products. Our drive is to provide better and excellent services to our valuable customers for betterment of their health and wellbeing.