There are lots of resources invested by us into development of new farming techniques and fruit varieties by us in order to make the fruit farming more rewarding. We just love what we do and therefore we as a family work together to get good quality produce from our farm. Our farm has been producing new healthy and effective varieties of fruits and farming techniques. The farm is located at the distance of 15 km from Dimpaur, Nagaland. The total area of the farm is approximately 25 acres. There are large numbers of native and non-native fruit varieties that are developed in the farm. For farming the complete knowledge about the favorable conditions and care is most important. Gleam offer suitable planting materials, guidance, support and required information, on how to plant, grow and nurture a tree. The farmers are also given some tips on the effective and right maintenance of the trees.

Gleam agro products have proved that the agro farming is viable as well as profitable. As you know that the prices of fruits are higher than any other farm produce. Most of the farmers hesitate to be employed themselves in fruit farming. The main reason behind this is ignorance, about which type of fruit would suitable according to their soil conditions, the lack of knowledge about the right techniques of farming and the vulnerability of good harvest.

Gleam has grown the range of fruit varieties and farming techniques that eradicate all these problems. These fruits are of improved quality of tropical fruits, Southeast Asian basis and in great demand because of their taste. These varieties of fruits are fit to the Indian climate and soil conditions. These fruits are of high quality, have long lifespan and also give a high yield. They need minimal care and attention, once grown, and also provide the good harvest constantly. Furthermore, these fruit trees are less prone to pests and diseases as compared to other available types.

The agro farming is not so easy, predictable and simple. So everyone should plant them the right way, grow them the right way and get the good harvest.